11-20-05 4:43pm EST
We just got back from my birthday party. It was SO much fun! We went to the nature center at fountain rock. Katie, Carolyn, Georgie, Emma, Andy and even Shane came! I got a lot of neat stuff, Katie gave me a big box of make-up, Carolyn & Georgie gave me a Dr. Demento's lab to make gross drinks in. Emma & Andy gave me a Barbie. Shane gave me the magical pegasus Barbie. I also got a Star Wars tent, Polly Pocket & clothes. Best of all Daddy gave me a new Gameboy with Poké: Emerald!

For lunch Daddy cooked pork ribs & baked Mac & cheese using Alton Brown's recipie from Good Eats. He also made me a choclate pound cake from Alton's "I'm Just Here for More Food" cook book.

11-12-05 3:13pm EST
Today Daddy finished rebuilding Aurra's webpage & we started on mine! I will keep everyone up to date as much as I can.

We went to the dentist and found out I have 3 cavities! So Daddy hasn't been letting me each too much candy. That stinks, because I have so much Halloween candy left! I have to go back to the dentist on December 2nd.

We also went to the Renaissance Faire at Mount Hope in Pennsylvania! It was cold and rainy but we had fun. There was a band playing bag pipes. Daddy and I danced a little with them. Then Aurra started getting wet and we had to leave. Next year we'll go when it’s not so cold out.

My birthday is next weekend. I'm SO excited! I'll be six years old. This year I want a Unicorn head, a Pegasus head, more clothes, a ballet game and Barbie game for my computer, dress up clothes, more Pokémon stuffed animals and the rest to be a surprise. But most of all I want Katie, Carolyn & Emma to come to my party.

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